Reveal your vocal talent with our Dubbing training!

Available in french only

Join this exclusive training and prepare to exceed your expectations while contributing to the growth of the industry. You deserve the best for your career, and we are here to help you achieve it

This training is specially designed for diverse actors who are already artists (members of the Union of Artists – UDA) or about to become one. If you have trained as an actor or already have solid experience, if you have mastered French diction, if you can read at first sight and have a keen ear, then this opportunity is for you!

Small group: A selection of 12 participants for individualized teaching.
Art of Voice: Explore the subtle art of dubbing under the tutelage of industry experts.
Sight Script: Master instant script playback and voice synchronization.
Tune your ear: Fine-tune your listening skills for perfect vocal performance.
Career Development: Prepare for exciting opportunities in the world of voice acting and film.

Join our voice acting training and get ready to take your artistic career to new heights. Your voice is your most valuable asset, and we’re here to help you make it shine!

Times and schedules

  • 34 hours spread over 8 weeks in October and November 2023

Target Audience

  • Black actors who are members of the Union des artistes (UDA) or about to become one. (UDA criteria)
  • 1. Have an acting background or good acting experience
  • 2. Have good basic notions of French diction
  • 3. Have a good read at first sight
  • 4. Have a good ear

Selection process

  • 1. Letter of intent, CV and MP3 voice demo
  • 2. 30-minute auditions for successful candidates after listening to their MP3
  • 3. Final selection

*Free training, processing fees: 25$

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