Unleash your vocal talent with our dubbing training!

The Fabienne Colas Foundation is offering a dubbing training program specifically designed for actors and actresses from diverse backgrounds who are already members of the Union des artistes (UDA). Thanks to a recent grant from the Government of Canada’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund, the Festwave Institute is strengthening the Being Black in Canada program and expanding into new areas as part of the FCF Film & Business Institute. Our goal is to meet the training needs of production houses owned and led by Black entrepreneurs, while working hand in hand with UDA to promote inclusion and diversity within the industry. If you have undergone actor training or already have a solid experience, if you have a mastery of French diction, can read at first sight, and possess a keen ear, then this opportunity is tailor-made for you!

Small group: 

A selected 12 participants – divided into 3 groups of 4.

  • Art of Voice: Explore the subtle art of dubbing under the guidance of industry experts.
  • Script Reading: Master the skill of instant script reading and vocal synchronization.
  • Fine-Tune Your Ear: Hone your listening ability for a flawless vocal performance.
  • Career Development: Prepare for exciting opportunities in the world of dubbing and cinema.

Join our dubbing training and get ready to elevate your artistic career to new heights. Your voice is your most valuable asset, and we are here to help you make it shine!

Time and schedule : 

16 hours spread over 8 weeks in March and April 2024.

Lead expert : 

Manuel Tadros, actor, voice actor, studio director, film adapter.

Eligibility criteria :

Being a member of the Union des artistes (UDA) (UDA criteria).

Having actor training or substantial acting experience.

Possessing good foundational knowledge of French diction.

Demonstrating the ability to read at first sight.

Having a keen ear.

Selection Process:

  1. Submit a letter of intent, CV, and voice demo MP3 as attachments on this form.
  2. Review of applications based on the evaluation of their MP3 submissions.
  3. Possible individual interviews.
  4. Final selection.

*Free training, application processing fee: $50.


Reserve your place now!

Please send the application fee ($50 CAD) via Interac/e-transfer to the following address: pay@fondationfabiennecolas.org