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Dubbing Training Program: The Fabienne Colas Foundation’s Festwave Institute has successfully completed its first workshop!


Dubbing Training Program: The Fabienne Colas Foundation’s Festwave Institute has successfully completed its first workshop!

Free French Training Program Held in March & April for Black Actors

Montreal, May 9, 2024 – In response to a pressing need from the industry, which wants to see an increase in the number of black actors capable of doing dubbing in Quebec, the Festwave Institute, created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, has successfully completed, between March 11 and April 15, 2024, a first training workshop. This workshop directed by Manuel Tadros brought together twelve participants and was held in the three main dubbing studios in Montreal, namely Difuze, Syllables and Cinélume.

Given the success of this first experiment and the interest generated in the community, a second cohort of twelve people will soon be formed with a view to a workshop planned for the end of the current year. The actor and voice actor Manuel Tadros will still be the main trainer.

Here is the list of the twelve members of the UDA who were able to benefit from it:

  • Julie Barbeau
  • Oumy Dembele
  • Penande Estime
  • Sophie Fouron
  • Schelby Jean-Baptiste
  • Renée Joseph
  • Sarah Ketia
  • Bruno Ly
  • Martyne Musau
  • Chanel Mings
  • Ralph Prosper
  • Kattia Thony

Some testimonials from participants

“An unforgettable experience that will serve anyone lucky enough to participate. Not taking this training with Manuel is like going to the South without sunscreen!” (Bruno Ly)

“Thanks to this training, I first developed knowledge of the dubbing market in Quebec. I was then able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, not only as a voice actor but as an artist in general. I learned more than I expected. Manuel, through his warmth, his generosity and his rigor, knew how to instill a new artistic perspective.” (Oumy Dembele)

“I feel blessed to have completed this dubbing training with Manuel. I learned to tame the rhythm band and the importance of breathing. Through technical and practical learning, our trainer was able to give us confidence and welcomed us with kindness. Thank you to the entire team for this incredible opportunity! Thanks Manuel! You’re the best!” (Sarah Keita)

“I loved the training! Manuel is a sensitive, open, generous, but above all super competent trainer! I really enjoyed evolving alongside the other actresses in my group. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me after this training. Thank you to the Festwave Institute of the Fabienne Colas Foundation for setting up such an inspiring and important project/initiative.” (Shelby Jean-Baptiste)

Quotes from Manuel Tadros

“I was blown away by the speed of learning of some members of the group. Went from zero to 10 in a few hours of lessons. As I told you: breathing, calm, acting and the right emotion and that’s it. Technique comes second. I loved you. Everyone!! Well done. !”

“That members were able to benefit from such a course for free is a miracle and the generosity of the Festwave Institute. A great gift for artists.”

Quote from Fabienne Colas

“I am so proud that Manuel Tadros, a master in the world of dubbing and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fabienne Colas Foundation, has agreed to provide this training. This dubbing program holds significant importance for the Festwave Institute and will have an extraordinary impact on the film industry in Quebec.” – Fabienne Colas, President-Founder of the Festwave Institute and the Fabienne Colas Foundation.”

This training is made possible through a grant from the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund for Black entrepreneurs and business owners from the Government of Canada through Economic Development Canada (DEC)

About the instructor: Manuel Tadros

Of Egyptian origin, Manuel Tadros arrived in Quebec with his family in 1966 at the age of ten. He is a songwriter, singer, host, dubbing director (for both dialogues and songs), and actor, Manuel is highly active in television and film. In January and February 2024, he is on stage in Chimerica at Duceppe and collaborates on the cultural magazine La vie est un carnaval on TV5 Québec Canada and TV5MONDE. He has been involved in dubbing since 1988 and has adapted and directed over 250 films and TV series, not to mention the hundreds of projects in which he has lent his voice as an actor. He has also composed multiple songs, including for artists like Roch Voisine, Julie Masse, Cirque du Soleil (for Alegria), and adapted songs for musicals like Chicago and Annie. Manuel is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Fabienne Colas Foundation.

About the Fabienne Colas Foundation (FFC):

The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF) is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to building bridges and advancing education through the arts, as well as supporting the creation, production, promotion, and dissemination of cinema, arts, and culture in Canada and beyond. To fulfill its mission, the Foundation has established 12 festivals and programs aimed at breaking barriers, celebrating diversity, fostering conviviality, understanding, and inclusion. Since its creation in 2005, its initiatives/festivals have showcased and supported over 5,000 artists, attracting millions of festival-goers in Canada, the United States, Haiti, and Brazil. The Foundation primarily promotes Black culture in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City, and Salvador de Bahia (Brazil); and Quebec culture in Port-au-Prince. The Foundation is also the originator of the FCF’s ‘Being Black in Canada’ program, the largest Canadian incubator dedicated to Black filmmakers.

About the Festwave Institute:

The Festwave Institute, created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, aims to eliminate the obstacles faced by professionals in the film and television industry and help them build successful and sustainable careers. The Institute will achieve this by providing Black entrepreneurs in the film industry and other underrepresented creators with the tools, skills, and resources needed to succeed and be independent in an industry predominantly led by White individuals: customized workshops, roundtable discussions, lectures, hands-on learning, mentoring, networking opportunities, presentation opportunities, access to equipment, business skills, mentorship programs – everything Black professionals need to learn, grow, connect, and advance their careers in film and television, both online and in the field.

About the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund for Black Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in Canada:

The goal of the fund is to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada. It enables non-profit organizations led by Black individuals to develop new services or expand existing ones, such as mentorship, networking, financial planning, and business training for Black entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

About DEC – Economic Development Canada for Quebec Regions:

Economic Development Canada for Quebec Regions (DEC) has a mission to promote the long-term economic development of the regions of Quebec, with particular attention to regions with low economic growth or those lacking sufficient opportunities for productive employment. For more information, see the link: DEC | About DEC (

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