Makeup and Hairstyling for Black Characters in Film and Television

Transform beauty into art with our “Makeup and Hairstyling for Black Characters in Film and Television” training!

This training is specially designed for makeup artists and hairstylists of all backgrounds who may work with diverse actors and actresses. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, this opportunity is for you!

Exclusive group: A maximum of 8 participants for complete immersion and personalized training.
Expert makeup: Discover advanced techniques to enhance skin and highlight unique features.
Precision hairstyling: Learn to create authentic hairstyles and meet the varied needs of actors.
Diversity on screen: Contribute to inclusion and authentic representation in the film and television industry.
Prepare for a flourishing future as an internationally renowned makeup artist or hairstylist.

Join our “Makeup and Hairstyling” training and be part of the team that makes Black characters on screen even more memorable. Your talent is the key to celebrating diversity on our screens!

Times and schedules

12 hours in three 4-hour sessions in December 2023

Target Audience

Makeup artists and hairdressers of all origins likely to do makeup and hair for actors and actresses of diversity.

Selection process

  1. Letter of intent, CV
  2. 30-minute selection interviews for successful candidates following the study of their application file
  3. Final selection
*Free training, processing fees: 25$

Reserve your place now!

Please send the application fee ($50 CAD) via Interac/e-transfer to the following address: